Königliche festtagskonzerte

24 - 26/12/2018

Royal Christmas – Festive Concerts at the Palace

The Christmas festival at Charlottenburg Palace is a symbol of the majestic combination of art and gastronomy. Celebrate a royal Christmas and enjoy a special combination of concert and gala menu during the festive concerts.

Christmas – in addition to fir trees, stollen cake and gifts – the feast of love on the occasion of the birth of Jesus always means a time of celebration with festive music. A royal concert experience awaits you at  Charlottenburg Palace this year. The Berlin Residence Orchestra will present masterful compositions and accompany you through the holidays. And as is a tradition with us, the artists will invite you to sing classic Christmas carols together at the end of the concert and awaken the spirit of the Christmas to a new life with a festive musical ceremony.


From the beautiful to the most beautiful, from the good to the best – Christmas Dinner for a Holy Celebration


The creature comforts traditionally hold a special meaning during Christmas. The Berlin Marriott Hotel invites you to exceptional culinary delights and will offer an optional three-course menu before the start of the concert. In the baroque ambiance of Charlottenburg Palace, you can enjoy delicious creations by candle light while a soloist from the orchestra accompanies the dinner with a selected piece from the concert programme.



24 - 26/12/2018



The Orchestra

The ensemble consists of well-known musicians, who interpret baroque and classical opera with a keen sense of the compositions from that era.


Christmas Concerts - Enchanting Melodies_3 Christmas Concerts - Enchanting Melodies_2 Christmas Concerts - Enchanting Melodies_4


Dinner & Concert

Served in the magnificent West Wing by candlelight, this exquisite dinner represents the atmospheric prelude to the subsequent concert. A vegetarian alternative is available upon request.


Christmas Concerts - Enchanting Melodies_5 Christmas Concerts - Enchanting Melodies_6 Christmas Concerts - Enchanting Melodies_7




Stewed pumpkin soup
Pumpkin seeds, oil, ginger



 Main Course
Variation of goose
Orange purple cabbage, kale, potatodumpling, crumbs
 Vegetarian Alternative
Pumpkinstrudel, orange purple cabbage, kale, potatodumpling, crumbs




Baked apple mousse
Spekulatius, gingerbread crumble marzipan

If you prefer the vegetarian menu,
please order in advance.