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19.01.- 09.02.2019

Italian Night – Works of Vivaldi, Pergolesi & Händel

Italy, the land of which Goethe sang, “wo die Zitronen blühen (“where the Lemons bloom“),” is the birthplace of Classical Music. Immortal masterworks by the fiery Venetian Antonio Vivaldi and the stellar success, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, await the guests of Italian Night at the Charottenburg Palace. The Berliner Residenz Orchester (Berlin Residence Orchestra) presents a selection of exquisite works by Italian Masters in an unforgettable concert experience.

Sängerin Italienische Nacht Geige Italienische Nacht Aperitif

Festive Dinner in the Castle

The Gala Dinner is complemented by a varied menu and offers unique delicacies in royal ambience. Served in three courses, select seasonal ingredients combine with culinary excellence to create a well-balanced meal.




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19.01.- 09.02.2019
Wednesdays and Saturdays on selected dates


The Orchestra

The ensemble consists of well-known musicians, who interpret baroque and classic opera with a keen sense of the compositions from that era. The result is an extraordinary concert event, which will present a programme with musical highlights presented true to the original style and aristocratic sound.

Our Packages

Dinner & Concert

Served in the magnificent West Wing by candlelight, this exquisite dinner represents the atmospheric prelude to the subsequent concert. A vegetarian alternative is available upon request.

Palace tour, dinner & concert

For the ultimate cultural evening we offer you this all-in package that leaves no wish unfulfilled. A real treat for those who love history, good food and wonderful music!


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Italian Menu

Marinated salmon carpaccio
Cucumber loops, mesclun, honey-mustard sauce

Vegetarian Alternative
Beetroot carpaccio, goatcheese, mesclun. honey


Main Course

Fried duckbreast
Cole crops, potato gratin, plum sauce

Vegetarian Alternative
Stuffed zucchini, cole crops, potato gratin, plum sauce


Chocolate mille feuille
Biscuit, peanut, pear


If you prefer the vegetarian menu
please order in advance.