Mozarts Meisterwerke - Klassische Schlosskonzerte

07/04 – 09/06/2018

Mozart’s Masterpieces - Classical Palace Concerts

Experience a journey in time to the 18th century with the Berlin Residence Concerts. Enjoy an exquisite gala dinner and the masterpieces of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the baroque ambiance of Charlottenburg Palace.

Whether as a musical prodigy and piano virtuoso or as a composer of instrumental works, songs and operas – the phenomenal Mozart had become the master of all disciplines by early youth. During his brief 35 years of life, the musical genius had composed more than 600 works. He still acts as a magnet for music lovers worldwide. In the year 1789, Mozart visited Berlin and appeared before Friedrich Wilhelm II in a celebrated concert at Charlottenburg Palace. Reason enough for the Berlin Residence Orchestra to continue the Mozart tradition in the palace and to indulge your ears with an exquisite selection from the rich instrumental and vocal accomplishments of the master composer.


Culinary Delicacies by Candle Light    

A distinctive passion for the beautiful things in life and alongside his love of music, a passion for food and drink was always present in Mozart. Follow the example of the master! Our concert visitors can anticipate a delicious dinner as an introduction to the evening where the palate will be indulged with an exquisite selection of seasonal ingredients in the royal atmosphere of Charlottenburg Palace.




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07/04 – 09/06/2018
Wednesdays and Saturdays on selected dates

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The Orchestra

The ensemble consists of well-known musicians, who interpret baroque and classic opera with a keen sense of the compositions from that era. The result is an extraordinary concert event, which will present a programme with musical highlights presented true to the original style and aristocratic sound.


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Our Packages

Dinner & Concert

Served in the magnificent West Wing by candlelight, this exquisite dinner represents the atmospheric prelude to the subsequent concert. A vegetarian alternative is available upon request.

Palace tour, dinner & concert

For the ultimate cultural evening we offer you this all-in package that leaves no wish unfulfilled. A real treat for those who love history, good food and wonderful music!


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Mozart Menu


Tyrolean bacon
Asparagus, pointed lettuce, fruitmustard

Vegetarian Alternative
Tyrolean cheese, asparagus, pointed lettuce, fruitmustard



Main Course
Prime boiled beef
Bouillonpotatoes, apple, horseradish

Vegetarian Alternative
Boiled swabian pockets, bouillonpotatoes, apple, horseradish



Vanilla ice cream, almond, raisins


If you prefer the vegetarian menu,
please order in advance.